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Established in 1987 the café has a well deserved reputation for fantastic, home cooked food. Everything, even the bread, is cooked in our busy kitchen by creative cooks committed to fresh, and wherever possible, fair trade produce. We recycle and compost waste, attempting to be ethical in all things. We serve vegetarian and vegan food.

Fair trade cappuccino, latte, speciality teas, cakes, scones and gateaux, lunches fit for a miller and cream teas are available in a relaxed atmosphere. The views are tremendous. Wagtails bob, Dippers may be seen feeding their young and Kingfishers streak along the mill race to the delight of diners.

The building was constructed using wood from an old Scottish corn mill and the seating, tables and counter came from a local church. The floor started life in a Derbyshire cellar, completing the beautiful and evocative interior.